I had my long-awaited physio appointment yesterday. I’ve been advised that I still shouldn’t run more than two or three miles (*waits patiently for next week’s appointment and hopefully an update to that*), but it is really nice to be able to get out on the roads again. I did a mile this morning and it felt great, and I’m planning to walk-run parkrun tomorrow and see how it goes.

With just over seven weeks to go till the marathon, I am really hoping to be able to get a 14-miler, 16-miler and 18-miler in for the remaining long runs. If the physio still says no long runs for another two or three weeks then I could maybe cut that down to two… but we’ll see. It’s important to me to have a fairly long taper as I feel that’s worked better for me in the past, but at the moment it’s still sort of all up in the air.

As my last long run recedes into the past I do also feel a bit anxious about losing fitness, so I’m going to have another serious look at cross-training options.

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