Phone Box Thursday: Norwegian Red

An interlude today! Normally I only focus on classic red K-series British phone boxes (because I’m less interested in the KX-series boxes that came in from the mid-1980s onwards), but I had read about Norway’s equivalent while preparing for my trip last week, and was delighted to come across a Norwegian red phone box when Geth and I were exploring the museum district.

Norwegian red phone box
Norwegian red phone box, Huk Aveny, Oslo, 18th June 2022.

(Coordinates 59°90’43.5″N, 10°68’63.2″E.)

Phone boxes in Norway generally seem to be treated with a bit more care than they are here, and there was an interesting plaque inside this one explaining the history of this series of boxes:

Phone box plaque

Like many village boxes in the UK, this box is used as a book exchange:

Book exchange
‘Ta en bok – gi en bok’

Still a phone inside as well!

An interesting wee example.

Phone Box Thursday: Edinburgh Revisit

An update to this post today.

Red phone box

Added coordinates and spent some time enjoying the Google Street View history (click the little clock in the top left corner) of this box – the police box next to the phone box has been about five different colours in the last five years (as it’s been taken over by various different companies), and the phone box itself now appears to be an art installation. I’ll try and take some updated photos when I’m next in Edinburgh!