Phone Box Thursday: My Own Personal Phone Box

…and it has a phone inside!

I’ve never had a phone case before but Mum and Dad got me a couple for Christmas. One is a plain clear plastic case that is useful for when I need to take my phone out running. The other is this lovely phone box case, which I’ve been clutching ever since Christmas Day!

Red phone box case
Red phone box case. Quite possibly my favourite Christmas present, and I got some good ones this year!

Another phone box related Christmas gift to discuss next week.

Phone Box Thursday: North Side, Stamfordham

Our final phone box for 2021 is this one that Mum and Dad found just north of Newcastle when visiting us earlier this month.

Red phone box
Red phone box, North Side, Stamfordham, 6th December 2021.

(Coordinates 55°04’32.1″N, 1°87’97.2″W.)

This one still has a phone in it, but also one of those sad little notices saying that the council are considering removing it. Hope an alternative use can be found!

Some fun phone box items to start 2022 next week.

Phone Box Thursday: Edinburgh Revisit

Dad recently took an updated shot of the West Richmond Street phone box that I originally photographed nearly six years ago, after the Great Winter Run in January 2016. Originally logged here.

Red phone box
Red phone box, West Richmond Street, Edinburgh, 1st December 2021.

The door of the phone box was missing in 2016, so I’m glad that they have since replaced it! Otherwise it looks much the same, with its phone still intact.

One more (new) 2021 phone box to log next week.

Phone Box Thursday: Whitley Bay Revisit

When Geth and I were in Whitley Bay after the North Tyneside 10k in October, I finally had the chance to take some better photos of the K4 phone box there!

Red phone box
Red phone box, Station Road, Whitley Bay, 17th October 2021.

I originally logged this phone box here (and promised to investigate its insides – I didn’t quite have time to do that but there will be many more trips to Whitley Bay I hope).

Phone Box Thursday: Valletta Gardens, Eastriggs

Here’s another south-west Scotland find from Mum and Dad.

Red phone box
Red phone box, Valletta Gardens, Eastriggs, 12th October 2021.

(Coordinates 54°98’52.7″N, 3°16’95.1″W.)

This phone box stands outside a recently opened museum, and makes a very nice feature outside it. There’s no phone inside, but there is one of those sad little notices saying they’re thinking about removing it. I hope it stays where it is as it does go very nicely with the museum sign!

Phone Box Thursday: Millbrae, Dornock

Here’s another phone box found by Mum and Dad along the back roads of Dumfries and Galloway…

Red phone box
Red phone box, Millbrae, Dornock, 12th October 2021.

(Coordinates 54°98’40.8″N, 3°19’93.7″W.)

Interestingly, when the most recent Street View image was taken in June this year, the phone box was white apart from its door! Maybe they were in the process of repainting it and had put a white undercoat on…

The fact that there’s an unidentified drum of something or other inside the box and a ‘keep out’ chain on the door is fairly intriguing.

Another from Scotland next week!

Phone Box Thursday: King William Walk, London

Otherwise known as ‘the one that got away’.

When I followed the London Marathon route on Google Street View after doing the marathon for the first time in 2019 (and photographing all the phone boxes along the way!), I was surprised to find that I’d missed one. I promised myself that I’d go back and rectify this – as it was the closest phone box to the meridian I’d found yet (although doubtless there are closer ones elsewhere in London) – but for various reasons I did not have the opportunity until I was running past it while doing the London Marathon for a second time. It was at this moment that I realised why I had missed it the first time I’d done the marathon.

Red phone box
Red phone box, King William Walk, London, 3rd October 2021.

(Coordinates 51°48’11.9″N, 0°00’79.8″W.)

They put a muckle great marathon sponsorship banner in front of it, that’s why!

My photographing of this phone box during marathon take two was a bit farcical. In my drained state (mental energy in these situations, as you might imagine, is reserved for spending hours telling yourself you’re capable of running 26.2 miles), I thought maybe the banner material would be transparent enough to take a photo if I got right up close to it… and of course it wasn’t, and then suddenly I had a very concerned/sceptical race volunteer materialise in my face wondering what the hell I was doing. The eventual photo you see above was taken after I extracted myself from having to explain and made it a little further up the road.

Anyway, you can’t see much of it, but it’s there. If I ever manage to get back there on a non-marathon excursion, I will take a proper photo and update this post accordingly.