Phone Box Thursday: B6345, Felton

Here’s another phone box that Mum and Dad found in north-east England.

Red phone box
Red phone box, B6345, Felton, 24th September 2021.

(Coordinates 55°29’67.4″N, 1°71’01.4″W.)

While this one is a little tatty on the outside, it has an interesting use as an ‘info box’ – there’s no phone inside but instead lots of maps and info sheets about the local area. It’s right in the middle of the village so this will be good for tourists.

On to London next week! I always find a few new phone boxes when I’m there…

Phone Box Thursday: B1337, Longhirst

Here’s a phone box that Mum and Dad found in north-east England a couple of weeks ago.

Red phone box
Red phone box, B1337, Longhirst, 24th September 2021.

(Coordinates 55°19’74.2″N, 1°64’84.4″W.)

This one still has a working phone, which may indicate it still gets some use in its small village setting. The box itself is also fairly well-kept, so it seems the local council gives it some love every now and then.

Another village phone box next week!

Phone Box Thursday: A68, Pathhead

Another phone box from Mum and Dad’s adventures in southeast Scotland!

Red phone box
Red phone box, A68, Pathhead, 5th September 2021.

(Coordinates 55°86’80.0″N, 2°96’84.6″W.)

This is a much more well-kept box than last week’s example and appears to be being used as a drop-off / pick-up point for local swaps and donations. Lots of books and school clothes! Another good modern-day use for the box.

A different part of the UK next week…

Phone Box Thursday: A68, Bonjedward

Here’s another phone box that Mum and Dad found in southern Scotland!

Blue phone box
Blue phone box, A68, Bonjedward, 5th September 2021.

(Coordinates 55°50’37.4″N, 2°54’56.6″W.)

If you move up and down the road on the Street View image linked above, you can see the phone box change back and forth from blue to red as the pictures update! I love a repainted phone box, and blue seems to be a very popular colour for them.

Interestingly this one has got a working phone inside, which is unusual for a repainted example!

Another Scottish box next week.

Phone Box Thursday: Shore Road, Glencaple

This was the second phone box we found during our trip to Dumfries and Galloway a couple of weeks back. Nice to see a box with custom signs!

Red phone box
Red phone box, Shore Road, Glencaple, 16th August 2021.

This one has been turned into a defibrillator box, which is always nice to see. Modern uses keep phone boxes safe.

An updated box from Lancashire next week!

Phone Box Thursday: B7041, Drummore

Mum and Dad had spotted this phone box a while ago, and I was able to photograph it while visiting the Mull of Galloway at the weekend!

Red phone box
Red phone box, B7041, Drummore, 16th August 2021.

(Coordinates 54°66’26.3″N, 4°90’09.6″W.)

I like the accompanying Wonder Woman scarecrow! (Scarecrows are a big thing in the surrounding village; there are lots of them sitting on walls.)

This phone box doesn’t have a phone inside, though it does still have all the posters advising how to use cash etc. As such, we wondered if it had maybe been moved for decorative purposes at some point. However, the Street View image linked above (as ever, taken during the Google cars’ only ever visit to rural Scotland in 2009!) shows it in the same place, so it would have been the community box originally.

More from Scotland next week!

Phone Box Thursday: More Phone Box News

I found this recent story – about a phone box being retained as a tribute to a late phone box fan who used it all the time – to be really touching. I hope the community manage to keep it.

Or… we could maybe start turning red phone boxes into electric car charging points? 😀

This Welsh community have jumped the gun a bit by turning their local phone box into a library before it officially went out of use!

Red phone boxes make it into Fortnite (though I’m pretty sure Clark Kent used an American-style ‘payphone kiosk’ to change into his Superman duds in the comics).

I logged this mysterious phone box back in 2019 when I first did the London Marathon! Glad to see it in the news.

And finally… I’ve seen some interesting phone box refurbishments, but I’m pretty sure this Kent example is the first ever phone box ice cream parlour!