A new week…

…and a much quieter one. Until the weekend, that is, when I’ll be out and about again 🙂

I’m enjoying some videogames I haven’t played for a while, and some old running routes from earlier in the year.

parkrunday: Town Moor #544

It’s been a while since my last trip round the Moor! But it’s so familiar it felt like I’d never been away this morning.

I was in my new-ish (tried them out on a one-miler and a two-miler the last couple of weeks) tempo shoes (Saucony Endorphin Speed). I’ve never used tempo shoes before these, only super-cushioned stability shoes. They took two minutes off my time. I had set a new post-pandemic PB of 34:13 at Tøyen a fortnight ago; I ran Town Moor in 32:20 today. The magic is real.

I wouldn’t wear them for long runs, I don’t think, as they’re not built for comfort. But they’re going to be great for intervals and so on when I get back into those.

Geth managed to lose his barcode in the finish funnel this morning. Some kind soul handed it in to the team so we (or I at least) will be back in a fortnight’s time to collect it!


I’m finding it a bit difficult to believe that Things that Happened in Houghtonbridge is finally out… but it is, and you can play it here! I’ve been working on the game since February and it turned into a bit of a behemoth. It’s a lot more narrative-focused than my previous games and so it required a lot of revision during the creation process (I was still adding scenes as late as yesterday!). I’m really happy that it’s finished now.

Today I went to the hospital to have one of my hearing aids fixed, meaning that I can now finally hear in stereo again (it’s been a few months so it’ll take some adjustment). Looking forward to a really quiet weekend after a mad month.

Tick tick tick

Another nice productive game-making day (and also a new Monkey Island trailer, which I was very happy about). The amount of work still to do over the next couple of days feels a little bit overwhelming, but I’m getting through the list fairly quickly so hopefully it will all get done.

Enjoying catching up with various triathlon and athletics coverage on the iPlayer in the evenings this week. It’s very good background noise for when I’m fiddling with code!

A few days crunching

I’ve got a lot of game-making to finish off before game submission night on Thursday, but today was great and I got a lot done and I’m hopeful things will continue to go swimmingly over the next three days. I’ve been working on this game on and off since the end of February and I’m really excited to get it finished!

Eyes on July

Back in Newcastle – again! – after a weekend visiting the in-laws. For the next four days, I will be almost totally focused on finishing my game before the competition deadline on Thursday night. Next weekend will be extremely quiet – it’s been a very busy month and Geth and I will both be glad to collapse on the sofa with videogames, I think!

There’ll be a bit of dashing about in July as well (summer gonna summer) but on the whole it looks like things will be slightly quieter.