Midweek bounce

The week continues apace. Got all my work finished today so I should be able to get in some game-making tomorrow (too busy on Friday).

A surprisingly faster ‘easy run’ this morning – I need to watch out for that and make sure I’m keeping things easy!

Also extremely happy that it’s September tomorrow. The signs of autumn are starting.

Off to a good start

One day down of the truncated work week and I’ve already got the bulk of my day job work done. This is very hopeful in terms of having a bit of time to work on a game towards the end of the week.

Weekday runs are also going well – I’m not suffering from the post-long-run energy slump that has been a thing for the last few weeks. Still feeling good about the GNR. Twelve days to go 🙂

Gradually getting the plan together

Eight-miler this morning and it went fairly well. I wore my magic shoes (as all my others have caused / coincided with various levels of foot pain this weekend so I thought I might as well!). Had a bit of pain around one and a half miles in but it settled down after half a mile, which is the best thing if it is going to happen during a longer run. Much better to get that kind of problem out of the way in the early stages while I’m still feeling fresh!

The great thing was that I actually felt fresh and energised for the whole eight miles today. I was testing out Clif Shot Bloks for the first time (having sworn off gels following various misadventures in late 2021 / early 2022) and they were brilliant – easy to take, warded off the fatigue and most importantly didn’t make me feel sick! I’ll do another test run with them next week to see how they do at race pace.

After today (which was a real confidence booster in general), I feel like I have my shoes and my fuelling plan in place. Just a few more things to check on the six-miler next week and then I will feel GNR-ready… I hope!

parkrunday: Town Moor #549

Took it easy on the Moor this morning rather than chasing a fast time. Saving the energy for tomorrow’s longer run. No photo today as I forgot to take one, though I’m sure I’ll find some online soon!

I still haven’t found a pair of running shoes that can cope well with the Moor’s gravel. My magic Sauconys don’t get on with it, and for today’s easy run I tested my On shoes (a fairly new pair that are becoming a good everyday option). They felt okay until a ton of gravel started getting stuck in the big gaps in the soles! Back to the drawing board. I’ve always just put up with it in the past but it feels like it’s getting worse recently.

A bit further afield next week.

Long weekend

Friday is here and with it the running weekend. I ran with the social group this morning, will do an easy-paced parkrun tomorrow and will go for eight miles on Sunday. Other than running I will be keeping things extremely quiet. September is really busy for us and I need to conserve some energy.

Bank holiday on Monday (I always forget about these things until they’re upon us) so a bit of extra weekend too!

Being more comfortable

House projects are going well at the moment. I am mostly reorganising things (got some new crates on the way from Amazon later this week – super exciting I know!). Decluttering is an ongoing process and my hoarding tendencies make it hard. I’m planning to make a bit of a ‘station’ for it in the next few days so that it doesn’t take over the house.

I’m getting some good gaming time in this week as well. There have been a lot of times this year when I’ve been so busy with TechUP or my game projects or other things that I just haven’t scheduled enough time into the day to switch my brain off properly. I’m trying to make that a priority for the rest of the year.