On top of things again… sort of

It’s a week where I’m not leaving the house except for running reasons (pandemic recovery has been such that I’ve not had one of those for nine weeks ?). This is a good opportunity to get things done and so far it’s going well – I got lots of day job work done today and have scheduled everything else in for the rest of the week. I even got back to my morning outdoor running after a few weeks of feeling a bit nervous and agoraphobic and over-busy and doing too many treadmill runs as a result. I didn’t have a good run (not feeling too well at the moment) but it does feel better running outside than plodding on the treadmill. I just need to build up the motivation every morning… I am definitely starting to remember why I used to have winter running slumps at this time of year. The daily run streak at least gets me moving every day.

A different reason to be busy every day this week, but at least it keeps things varied!

Leeds Christmas tree
Another Christmas tree from Leeds city centre! I should investigate Newcastle city centre soon as apparently Fenwick’s Christmas window is up…

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