Some finishing touches

Following yesterday’s house exertions, I was out and about with Mum and Dad today, visiting my cousin Jen and her family (including a highly adorable recent arrival). Bit of work to squeeze in too as it’s going to be a busy one this week! Hoping to get the rest of the living room tidied up and looking nice in the next day or so though – there are just a few more things to sort out.

Week on target

I really enjoyed a slightly longer run with the social group last night, and still felt fresh for another short run this morning. I’m slightly in limbo with the running at the moment because focused training doesn’t start again until December, but it’s a nice limbo to be in.

Both work and game-making are going slowly but well this week, and it’s looking like I’ll hit my goals for both by Friday *fingers crossed* – though I’m happy to do a bit of work on the game at the weekend as well if I’m behind.

Monday schedule

I’m doing my run with the social group in the evening again today, so it’s one of those backwards days! Had a hospital consultant appointment by phone this morning (some good advice about my spondylitis flare-ups) but have mainly just been able to get on with work and game-making. Fingers crossed for similar days all week.

Stuff to do: Monday edition

As a self-employed type I’m normally a total procrastinator with my tax return and leave it till the deadline in January, but Geth and I have a meeting with our mortgage broker this week (great timing, I know) and I need my most recent calculations, so the return has been today’s boring job. I’m trying to see it as something I now don’t have to do in January.

Another slightly backwards day running-wise as I’m going to the Monday evening run with the social group again. I feel a bit less out-of-sorts about it than last week though so maybe I’ll get used to it if I go regularly!

The thunderstorm finally arrived

I was disappointed a few weeks ago when the weather forecast promised some thunderstorms that did not materialise. Some more were promised today and did arrive this time. The thunder and lightning hasn’t been hugely impressive (though there has been a bit!) but it’s good to get the air cleared.

I was also able to get out for today’s short run while it was still sunny, so can now enjoy the storm from indoors.

Another fairly intense day with work but we’re getting there.

Final week of training

Quite a lot to do this week but I’ve made a good start. I got more work done than expected today (so am hoping to be able to finish with day job stuff early this week and squeeze some extra game-making in) and have got a ton of extra admin done including sorting out a prescription prepayment certificate (for which I now qualify due to taking so many pills that I rattle ?).

There’s a nice trip next week that I’m looking forward to… but I need to focus on the GNR first! Doing a bit of extra strength training this week to make sure everything’s in order.

Midweek bounce

The week continues apace. Got all my work finished today so I should be able to get in some game-making tomorrow (too busy on Friday).

A surprisingly faster ‘easy run’ this morning – I need to watch out for that and make sure I’m keeping things easy!

Also extremely happy that it’s September tomorrow. The signs of autumn are starting.