Drawing in

I mentioned the other day that I was looking forward to the weather cooling down in preparation for autumn.  Well, it looks like I got my wish, because I’m back in full-length jeans and boots for the first time since the spring.  It’s still a bit stuffy upstairs in our house though.

The nights are getting a little darker too, although I’ve not really noticed due to the fact that I’ve been finding myself putting the lamps on at around seven o’clock all summer long, because it’s felt bizarrely comforting.  I don’t know what that’s about.

Also, they’ve started announcing the Strictly contestants, which definitely means autumn is on the way!  So far, I’ll be voting for Danny John-Jules (due to my massive love for Red Dwarf), but I’m looking forward to finding out the rest of the lineup.

Today was a nice normal work day, with a bit of cleaning and tidying involved because Geth’s dad and stepmum, Keith and Helen, are visiting us tomorrow.  Looking forward to a good day spent with them!

OOTD 14th August 2018
OOTD: that is my ‘telling Geth to focus the camera better by looking at the print on the boardgames’ face. I clearly need to work on that one. T-shirt Space Tribe (2006), jeans H&M (thrifted from Steff 2016), boots Carefree (2017).

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