Evening mode

Bit of a sluggish day today – it’s been one of those grey and wet ‘lights on all day’ November days, which always puts my brain into evening mode before it’s evening – but despite the rain I am looking forward to getting out to my Pilates class later this afternoon. Gradually doing the last-ish of my Christmas shopping as well, which is always a cheering experience.


While there may still be a couple of slightly sagging Hallowe’en lanterns on my mantelpiece, I feel I have definitely fallen full-on into November mode. I’m writing my NaNoWriMo project (which is several small projects this year, mostly game coding) and I wrapped a couple of Christmas presents to send off this afternoon. It’ll be here before we know it!

November has become a bit busy and so I’m focusing on one or two days at a time. This weekend I’m looking forward to a bumble round parkrun and then volunteering at the race on Sunday.

parkrunday: Leazes #83

A trip to Leazes this morning for some flat tarmac. Not as fast as when I wore my magic shoes three weeks ago (I’m a bit fatigued this weekend), but still managed a nice trot round!


Everything’s looking nice and autumnal now. Town Moor next time for Hallowe’en weekend, and then I’ll work out what my plans are for November.

Eyes on October

Nice quiet week continues and so does the planning for my Hallowe’en game. The aim is to get everything sketched out this week and then start the coding for it next week. Excited to get back into game-making after doing other things for a few months.

Also excited about a quiet weekend for the first time since August! September has been an interesting but fairly manic month.

Getting settled

We’ve definitely come back to cooler weather. Even needing a couple of hours of heating on here and there! I am happiest in these mid-range temperatures though, and I feel like I can settle now. Gradually doing all the post-travel sorting out this week and getting things ready for the happy autumn ahead.

New Monkey Island game out now (it was released yesterday evening) so I’m just quickly finishing off my marathon of the previous games. Should be delving into the new one tonight!

Midweek bounce

The week continues apace. Got all my work finished today so I should be able to get in some game-making tomorrow (too busy on Friday).

A surprisingly faster ‘easy run’ this morning – I need to watch out for that and make sure I’m keeping things easy!

Also extremely happy that it’s September tomorrow. The signs of autumn are starting.

Back for a bit

Back in Newcastle this evening, but we’ll have another trip to Dumfries and Galloway later in the summer. Hoping for drier weather next time.

In the meantime, I’ve got a new game idea that I’ll be starting to play around with this week, and a few house things to start tinkering with. Both of these are the beginning of projects that will culminate in the autumn, which is quite exciting. It means autumn isn’t a million miles away!