The Toronto Islands

Canada part four…


On the Wednesday, Mum and Dad came to meet me and Geth outside our hotel, and we all walked down to the lakefront to meet Malcolm and catch the ferry to the Toronto Islands.

The ferry itself is a really nice journey – I always love being out on the water, and it was a gorgeous day for it.  Once we got across to the islands, we stopped at a bar for a drink (yet another new cider that I will log soon!), and then went for a walk around the islands.  We found a small, pretty beach where Dad went for a quick swim, and then walked along the boardwalk to the next island (they’re very easy to walk between).  At the far side of the island, we could see right across the lake to the United States.  I think Geth was more interested in a nice sit down though.

Geth on his bench.

We then walked back towards the ferry terminal, through a lovely park full of fountains and trees.  At the north side of the island by the terminal, you get a gorgeous view of downtown Toronto:

Downtown Toronto from the islands
I love that perfect water!

I could have stayed on the islands all day – it’s such a beautiful atmosphere.

Dee on the Toronto Islands
I miss that sunshine. We’ve just had a weekend of thunderstorms in the UK and you forget so quickly what the sun feels like!

Instead, though, we decided to get back on the ferry, and headed back to Toronto for a drink.  The bar we went to had run out of cider, so I had a tasty cocktail – then Geth went off to pick up a boardgame he’d ordered from a shop earlier in the week, and I headed back to the hotel to relax with a book.

In the evening, Geth and I met up with Mum and Dad again, and went to the Pickle Barrel.  We ate far too much food, and I forgot to take a photo of my cheesecake.  It all tasted great though.

Part five tomorrow!

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