Cheesecake roundup

As promised, here’s a roundup of all the cheesecake I ate in Canada last week!

1. New York style cheesecake – Holiday Inn

New York style cheesecake
Divine, and beautifully baked.

2. Pecan and white chocolate cheesecake – Holiday Inn

Pecan and white chocolate cheesecake
I didn’t actually have this one until later in the week, but Geth had it on the first night, which is when I snapped the photo.  The cheesecake part was delicious, but I’m not the hugest fan of pecans.

3. Vanilla cheesecake – Pickle Barrel

I was so keen to dive into this one that I forgot to take a picture.  It was similar to the New York style one at the Holiday Inn, but the slice was a lot bigger.

4. Caramel cheesecake – Kalendar

Caramel cheesecake
I didn’t have this one at all – they have various cheesecakes at Kalendar, and when we ordered, Steff got the last slice of one type, and I got the first slice of a different type!

5. Blueberry cheesecake – Kalendar

Blueberry cheesecake
The blueberry taste on this one was gorgeous, but the rest of the cake was a little bland.

6. White chocolate and raspberry cheesecake – Pickle Barrel

White chocolate and raspberry cheesecake
Again, I didn’t have this one – we didn’t go to the Pickle Barrel enough times for me to sample all the cheesecakes! – but Geth assures me it was delicious.

7. Brown cow cheesecake – Pickle Barrel

Brown cow cheesecake
A huge slice of milk and white chocolate cheesecake.  Absolutely amazing, and so rich.  Good thing I skipped the starter!

8. Vanilla cheesecake – Scaddabush

Vanilla cheesecake
Even more ridiculously big than the ones at the Pickle Barrel – it’s basically a whole mini cheesecake!  Even though I’d forsaken the starter again, it was still a real challenge to finish.  Delicious though!

So that’s my Canada cheesecake roundup.  I’m starting to understand why I put on so much weight while I was away!

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