parkrunday: Jesmond Dene #61

Back to parkrun this week, and back to slightly speedier running. I managed a couple of minutes faster than I had been doing in the latter stages of marathon training, so I’m happy with that.

parkrun finish token
Blurry finish token shot today! I forgot to take a parkrun selfie as Geth was doing post-run barcode scanning and I was waiting for him to finish.

I realised about ten minutes after we left the house that I’d forgotten my barcode. Thankfully, a) they accept barcodes on phones nowadays and b) even if they didn’t, I keep a scraggy old barcode under the right sole of the shoes I usually wear for parkrun. Today was their final outing after 550ish miles and the barcode-forgetting incident has reminded me to swap the scraggy barcode into my new shiny pair of tempo shoes later this week.

I’ve decided to change my official home parkrun from Town Moor to Jesmond Dene. It’s nice to visit the Moor for a bit of a speed session now and then, but I’m in the Dene most weeks and I prefer it.

However, it’ll be a few weeks of different parkruns now. Summer is a time for exploring!

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