parkrunday: Town Moor #544

It’s been a while since my last trip round the Moor! But it’s so familiar it felt like I’d never been away this morning.

I was in my new-ish (tried them out on a one-miler and a two-miler the last couple of weeks) tempo shoes (Saucony Endorphin Speed). I’ve never used tempo shoes before these, only super-cushioned stability shoes. They took two minutes off my time. I had set a new post-pandemic PB of 34:13 at Tøyen a fortnight ago; I ran Town Moor in 32:20 today. The magic is real.

I wouldn’t wear them for long runs, I don’t think, as they’re not built for comfort. But they’re going to be great for intervals and so on when I get back into those.

Geth managed to lose his barcode in the finish funnel this morning. Some kind soul handed it in to the team so we (or I at least) will be back in a fortnight’s time to collect it!

parkrunday: Tøyen #143

My first Norwegian parkrun and only my second ever non-UK one!


Also my first sub-35 in many months. It was a tough five-lapper with lots of ups and downs, but I felt like I could go a bit faster this morning and it was a very freeing experience. Hot day too!

I intend to return to Oslo in future – not solely for parkrun reasons, but it’s exciting that there are a few different ones to do here!

parkrunday: Leazes #67

So the PLAN was to go and do Town Moor today for the returning annual Blaydon Race T-Shirt Show-Off. Town Moor is cancelled next week and the week after for the Hoppings fair but it was meant to be on today.

However, the Hoppings prep lorries rolled up early on the Moor this morning and Town Moor cancelled at approximately 8:45am – so at 8:48am when we realised what was happening, we joined the mass panic jog down to Leazes Park. We made it with about three minutes to spare, though they then went and delayed the start to allow for Town Moor stragglers! This enabled a much-appreciated breather before getting going again.

Not at all my fastest around Leazes, though it was a couple of minutes faster than last week’s time at Jesmond Dene as it’s an easier course. Happy with that on current legs!

parkrunday: Jesmond Dene #61

Back to parkrun this week, and back to slightly speedier running. I managed a couple of minutes faster than I had been doing in the latter stages of marathon training, so I’m happy with that.

parkrun finish token
Blurry finish token shot today! I forgot to take a parkrun selfie as Geth was doing post-run barcode scanning and I was waiting for him to finish.

I realised about ten minutes after we left the house that I’d forgotten my barcode. Thankfully, a) they accept barcodes on phones nowadays and b) even if they didn’t, I keep a scraggy old barcode under the right sole of the shoes I usually wear for parkrun. Today was their final outing after 550ish miles and the barcode-forgetting incident has reminded me to swap the scraggy barcode into my new shiny pair of tempo shoes later this week.

I’ve decided to change my official home parkrun from Town Moor to Jesmond Dene. It’s nice to visit the Moor for a bit of a speed session now and then, but I’m in the Dene most weeks and I prefer it.

However, it’ll be a few weeks of different parkruns now. Summer is a time for exploring!

parkrunday: Jesmond Dene #59

Volunteering this week as we’re into the last stages of the marathon taper. I usually (well, for my two marathons so far!) do a shakeout parkrun the day before a marathon – but that won’t be happening this time because of the way that our weekend logistics have worked out. As such, next time I attend parkrun I will (hopefully) be wearing a new race t-shirt!

It was a lovely morning to be marshalling, and it looked like (as usual) there were a fair amount of parkrunners new to the Dene (i.e. lots of people asking me for directions to the start!).

Also, I remembered to take the hi-vis selfie today:

Marshalling at parkrun

…though there are some even better ones currently at the top of the Jesmond Dene photos page!

Different kind of Saturday

I didn’t go to parkrun this morning – just did a streak saver mile. I think this was probably for the best as I felt a little more tired than usual out on my short run. I’ll be doing a bit of walking later so will still be able to stretch my legs a bit today.

Edinburgh Marathon info packs arrived by email this morning. Cut-off is a little closer to the wire than I’d like given what’s been going on recently, but I’ve got my strategy. Finding it hard to believe it’s so close now!

Trying to weekend

I’ve not been good at weekending recently. I don’t do day job work on the weekends (unless a client has an urgent job for which they’re willing to pay express rate), but over the last couple of months I have been working on my games at weekends, which means I’ve not really been giving my brain a break. I hit all my game-making goals this week and am well on target, so I’m taking a break from that over the weekend. I’m quite looking forward to some downtime.

I’m in two minds about parkrunning tomorrow. Geth is having a week off from volunteering so if I did go, it’d just be me. It might be nice to have a Saturday lie-in for once. I’ll make a decision about that tomorrow morning.

Then I’ve got an actual concert in the evening! First of the year (but not the last as I have several originally-2020 gigs coming up this summer). Again, it’s just me as Geth chose not to come to this one, but I’m looking forward to it – it’ll be great to tick Paul Young off my Band Aid Baby bucket list (which I still need to update following a Duran Duran gig last year) and I enjoyed Go West last time I saw them.

Sunday will be really quiet and thus brilliant in a different way.

parkrunday: Jesmond Dene #57

Last finisher (save the tailwalker) at parkrun for the second week in a row… but this time I finished in 41:06. Not typical for the usual last finisher time at Jesmond Dene! I wonder where all the slower-than-me runners have been for the last couple of weeks…

I still had a bit of a stiff hip, but I felt much better than last week (hence the five-minute difference). I’d been unsure about even going last night because I was so tired after a long week, but I’m glad I did go. I always feel better afterwards.

parkrunday: Jesmond Dene #56

(It was touch and go whether I would make parkrun today, but there’s been a 48-hour extension to the deadline for the game competition I’m entering, so I’ve got a bit of breathing room to finish my game!)

A fairly slow one around Jesmond Dene this morning as my hip was still stiff after my 14-miler on Thursday. I took 46-ish minutes (slow even for me nowadays) and was surprised to find myself accompanied by the tailwalker, as it was a fast field today (the tail usually comes in closer to 55 minutes at Jesmond Dene). It’s been a very long time since I was last at parkrun!

Hoping to be a bit quicker again next week.