Adventures in Coding: November in June

In the world of my current game project, it is November. The town centres have put up their Christmas trees and the shops are full of tinsel and cut-price fireworks. Every day is cold and wet. It is the UK in the run-up to Christmas. It is a few unspecified years in the future, and life has returned to pre-pandemic levels of normality.

In the real world, it is June. The shops are full of summer holiday clothes that nobody is buying, because it’s still too much of a risk to book a summer holiday. The heat arrived a week and a half ago and despite the clouds today it is endlessly muggy. It is the UK in the throes of uncomfortable summer. It is still the very early 2020s, and we are not out of the woods yet.

As such, is it any wonder that I’m preferring to spend most of this month in my game world rather than the real one? 😀

I kid, mostly. I’m spending most of my time coding because I’m working to a tight deadline for ParserComp. I need to be really disciplined with it in order to give myself some breathing room in the last couple of weeks before the deadline, so this week is going to be a really big push. Lots going on in my other life areas as well, but that’s okay. Madness is sometimes enjoyable!

A Christmas tree in a rainy town centre. The opposite end of the year always feels like a different world…

I think I’m going to feel a bit bereft in July! I am going to enjoy playing other people’s games again though…

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