All dug through!

Another treadmill mile (treadmile?) this morning, and then another day of de-hoarding. I’ve very nearly sorted through all the stuff upstairs now – I just need to sort out my magazine collection (I have eight Ikea Kallax boxes I can fill and that’s the limit – I’m going to need to cull some of them) and my dressing table, and then I can start moving the storage boxes into the garage. There are a few areas downstairs I need to sort through as well, but they can wait.

Hopefully by the time I update again on Monday I will have everything finished!

Hard Rock Café collection
I was quite surprised that my Hard Rock Café collection fitted neatly into one box, given that I’ve been collecting since 1998.

Today’s earworm playlist:

Duran Duran – ‘Vertigo (Do The Demolition)’
The Weeknd – ‘Blinding Lights’

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