Midweek, muddling on

A mile and a half-ish today!…

…although the extra half-ish was only because the roadworks near us had become so convoluted by this morning that I couldn’t actually access certain streets. I’m really looking forward to those roadworks being finished, but I’m not holding my breath (it’s been four years so far).

I’m experimenting with intermittent fasting again (i.e. only eating during certain hours of the day) to try and help get my lockdown weight off, and it’s been going well so far. I do feel a bit hungry earlier in the day, but am still finding that my healthy Slimming World evening meals are satiating enough that I don’t need much else during my ‘eating window’. I don’t think I’ll do it long-term, but I’m happy to try it for a few weeks to see if it helps me get back down to my SW target again.

Mostly admin and game creation today. Tomorrow will be slightly different, as Geth has a big and important milestone birthday.

Vase of corks
These corks (possibly a result of my penchant for alcohol-free fizzy since getting sober) were clogging up the cupboard yesterday, and I needed that cupboard space for all the birthday cake Geth had requested, so I’ve tidied them into this vase. I think it’ll look better once the vase is full, but judging by the amount of Nosecco I’ve been drinking recently, that won’t take long.

Today’s earworm playlist:

Michael Land – ‘Closing Themes (Monkey Island 2)’
Michael Land – ‘Mêlée Island’
Natalie Cole – ‘Miss You Like Crazy’

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