Empty shelves

Just a quick recovery run this morning…

…and then I went with Geth to the nearby Sainsbury’s Local, hopeful that we would be able to find some of the supplies that weren’t in stock earlier this week. ‘Some’ being the operative word.

Supplies we actually found:

  • Face wipes! I can now take my makeup off again without having to scrub with soap and water.
  • Milk – semi-skimmed rather than our preferred skimmed stuff, but it’s milk.
  • Quorn mince and chicken style pieces. As a veggie I absolutely rely on these in cooking, and I managed to find a couple of bags that were well hidden on the top shelf of the freezer section.
  • Pesto… well, the last jar in the shop, anyway.
  • Biscuits. We really shouldn’t be eating these, but they are definitely not in short supply.

Supplies that we are still lacking:

  • Toilet roll. I wonder if that particular shelf will ever be stocked again.
  • Every type of pasta that isn’t lasagne sheets. I’m a pasta obsessive (I literally eat it every day) and this is extremely worrying to me. I’m certainly going to be making a lot of lasagne this week.
  • Rice. We drew the line at buying the manky microwaveable stuff.
  • Passata and chopped tomatoes. Basically, you can forget about anything tinned right now, which means I’ll be making meals with jars of Dolmio and the like instead (which is not as healthy, but unfortunately we have to make do).
  • Fresh fruit and veg. We managed to find workable alternatives in the fridge section, but it’s alarming how low the stocks were today.

As such, I’m going to be venturing out into the wastelands of larger supermarkets tomorrow to see if my luck is better.

On a positive note, work is finally coming in again, which suggests that academics are starting to get comfy working from home and writing their papers. Hope we can all make the best of a bad situation and have a productive few months.

My current complete pasta stock, which is worryingly low by my standards.

Today’s earworm playlist:

The Rolling Stones – ‘Ruby Tuesday’
Demi Lovato – ‘Confident’
Badly Drawn Boy – ‘Once Around The Block’
Duran Duran – ‘First Impression’

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