Keyboard bashing

I’ve had a busy day getting on with writing tasks – I’ve submitted a few pieces to magazines and competitions and have started planning out my next graphical text adventure game for the upcoming Adventuron Hallowe’en jam. October (so far!) is still looking nice and quiet, so I will hopefully be able to continue ticking off things on my writing to-do list most days.

It’s another day in the house, which means I was back on the treadmill to hit my step goal this evening – I’ve got a feeling that tomorrow’s outdoor run will actually feel quite easy in comparison!

Bravely Default
Not an OOTD: on the plus side, spending so much time on the treadmill is allowing me to defeat a lot of dragons in Bravely Default.

Today’s earworm playlist:

Charlie Puth – One Call Away
Dr Feelgood – Milk And Alcohol
Whitney Houston – So Emotional
Faithless – God Is A DJ

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