Hallowe’en is almost upon us!

Just got off the treadmill, having done my nightly ninety minutes to get my steps in. It’s a good thing I decided to set my daily step goal as an October target, because I’ve been so busy with my text adventure this week that I doubt I’d have got any exercise in otherwise! Didn’t even make it to ukulele class this evening, although I will be back with a vengeance next week.

Eight and a half hours to go until the jam deadline – and I expect I’ll be up for quite a few of those hours getting everything finished off!

Busy day tomorrow too…

Pixel lantern
Not an OOTD: I’m still loving making my pixel turnip lanterns! Much easier to make on the computer than hollowing out the real thing…

Today’s earworm playlist:

Michael Land – Lucre Island Lawyers
Jimmy Eat World – The Middle
Fleetwood Mac – Big Love
Duran Duran – First Impression
Michael Land – The First Church Of LeChuck…Orthodox
Duran Duran – 911 Is A Joke

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