Slowly getting back to it

I didn’t get everything I wanted to do today done (partly due to booting up Puzzle Pirates for the first time in seven years…oops), but the stuff I did do has made me feel a bit better. I went for my run this morning, which means I’ve just got one more to do before the GNR, and I got some admin done that I’d been putting off for a week. I also got a bit of editing done, as some work for clients has come in this week.

In general it’s going to be a quiet week, so I’m hopeful of getting everything done…provided I can resist the lure of the videogames!

Puzzle Pirates
Sort of an OOTD: I didn’t make much of an effort with my own outfit today, but at least my Puzzle Pirates character looks cute.

Today’s earworm playlist:

Heaven 17 – Come Live With Me
Jared Emerson-Johnson – The Office

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