Phone Box Thursday: Highbury Place, London

Today is the first of a very long series of phone boxes that I photographed on the walk back from Highbury Fields parkrun to the Thistle City Barbican when Geth and I were in London for Beat:Cancer in November 2017.  There are a LOT of these, and we’ll probably be looking at them into 2019, but it’s quite appropriate that I’m starting this series in November seeing as I’m feeling a bit wistful about missing out on my annual November London trip (the Beat:Cancer dates were different this year and we couldn’t fit any of the gigs into our already packed schedule).

Red phone boxes
Red phone boxes, Highbury Place, London, 18th November 2017.

(Coordinates 51°54’64.8″N, 0°10’3.1″W.)

I had to photograph these two through some roadworks barriers.  Google Street View shows them unobstructed!

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