Phone Box Thursday: Durham Green

This week’s phone box is the first one I found in the North East of England, outside Durham Cathedral.

Red phone box
Red phone box, Durham Green, Durham, 1st May 2015.

(Coordinates 54°77’48.1″N, 1°57’54.3″W.)

When I took this one, I remember Geth going on a big rant about how there was this beautiful medieval cathedral right in front of me and there I was, taking a photo of the phone box.  An older lady who was walking past backed me up, saying ‘they don’t make them like that anymore!’  They most certainly don’t.  Anyway, I did take a photo of the cathedral as well:

Durham Cathedral
With bonus traffic cones.

But frankly, you can see pictures of Durham Cathedral any time you like (given that it has a Wikipedia page and everything), and you can’t say that about the Durham Cathedral phone box.

Update 15th July 2021: it’s now a defibrillator box!

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