Phone Box Thursday: More Phone Box News

I found this recent story – about a phone box being retained as a tribute to a late phone box fan who used it all the time – to be really touching. I hope the community manage to keep it.

Or… we could maybe start turning red phone boxes into electric car charging points? ?

This Welsh community have jumped the gun a bit by turning their local phone box into a library before it officially went out of use!

Red phone boxes make it into Fortnite (though I’m pretty sure Clark Kent used an American-style ‘payphone kiosk’ to change into his Superman duds in the comics).

I logged this mysterious phone box back in 2019 when I first did the London Marathon! Glad to see it in the news.

And finally… I’ve seen some interesting phone box refurbishments, but I’m pretty sure this Kent example is the first ever phone box ice cream parlour!

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