Hallowe’en weekend is here!

Just a mile today…

…which was good, because I had a lot to do today! I might take the weekend running a bit easier than planned on the training schedule, as I’ve felt a bit fatigued this week. Besides, I’d like to enjoy Hallowe’en properly tomorrow and get a good start on my NaNoWriMo project on Sunday.

I drove to Asda with Geth this afternoon to pick up everything needed for the weekend, including cake baking supplies (I want to find a use for my Hallowe’en lantern innards this year) and a final selection of Hallowe’en chocolate (which was a bit limited – it seems Asda have decided it’s now Christmas rather than Hallowe’en). I’ve also made a start on my polystyrene pumpkin project. I’m hoping to find an actual pumpkin at Sainsbury’s tomorrow as Asda had run out. I do have a turnip and a melon to carve in an emergency.

I’ll just be posting my running vlogs over the weekend. Hope everyone has a great Hallowe’en!

Spooky Oreos
These were the only Hallowe’en-themed sweet things in the shop. They’re not bad! Gutted I couldn’t find any Jaffa Cake Spooky Cake Bars this year.

Today’s earworm playlist:

Liam Payne and J Balvin – ‘Familiar’
Rockwell – ‘Somebody’s Watching Me’

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