A damp but cheerful Friday

Just a mile this morning…

…but then I had already been up and about doing stuff for a couple of hours, having woken up at six for some reason. Oh for a predictable sleep pattern.

Kieran and Lisa popped in for lunch today. Geth and I had hoped to use the new garden furniture that I put together earlier this week, but today turned out to be a wet day in Newcastle (of course) so we sat inside instead. It was really nice to see people we actually knew for the first time since March (other than neighbours, shopkeepers, hairdressers, bumping into running friends when running etc. etc.) and to catch up after a long time.

Looking forward to a quiet weekend now. Next full update on Monday!

Colourful leggings
Today’s cheery and colourful leggings. Brightening up the start of the weekend!

Today’s earworm playlist:

Toto – ‘Africa’
Duran Duran – ‘Save A Prayer’
Vangelis – ‘Chariots Of Fire’

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