UKGE day 4

The final day of the UK Games Expo today! Geth and I got up and checked out of the hotel early (so nice to have a car in which to store all our stuff!) so that we could get across to the NEC promptly. There were a few last-minute things we wanted to buy, and Geth had some game demos to see.

I then went to watch a seminar in the suites (an interesting Q&A with some boardgame designers) while Geth did a Keyforge side event. After picking up our unsold games at the Bring & Buy (we sold nine out of the twelve games we’d put in, which is a great hit rate – I will eBay the rest!), we grabbed some lunch and hit the road.

Back in Newcastle with our games haul now. A very quiet week ahead!

OOTD 2nd June 2019
OOTD: I take a ride on this plastic sheep on the Sunday of UKGE every year. Glasses Emporio Armani (2017), jacket unknown brand (estimated vintage 1990s, bought at vintage shop 2003), t-shirt Doctor Who (2015), lanyard UK Games Expo (2019), skirt Gap (2007), trainers Reebok (2017).

Today’s earworm playlist:

The Midnight – Crystalline
Gunship – Rise The Midnight Girl

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