Music Review: Madonna: Madame X

There’s been a lot of buzz around Madonna’s new album, which apparently has a bit of a Portuguese flavour. I’ve always liked the more Latin-inspired stuff she’s done, so I decided to give this one a listen.

Madonna - Madame X


A fairly chilled-out beat to start the album – the backing track is fairly quiet, meaning it’s all about Madonna’s wistful vocals and Maluma’s Spanish rap.

Dark Ballet

Nice piano backing on this one – it gives it a really nice atmosphere. That solo in the middle, with the electronic interpolation of The Nutcracker Suite, is really interesting!

God Control

I like the choral backing vocals, which again are really atmospheric. The melody is a bit repetitive, but it sort of works here. More interesting instrumentals as well, which segue into a nice ’90s dance beat in the middle.


This is probably the most modern-sounding track of the album so far, partly due to the guest vocals from Quavo. I like the reggae beat, but in terms of the current musical landscape it’s a bit generic.


Fairly repetitive call-and-response vocals, but there’s a good atmospheric beat in the background.

Killers Who Are Partying

More pretty old-timey piano backing on this one, which has a lovely tune.


I like the guitar line here – again, with Swae Lee on guest vocals, it’s quite a modern-sounding track that would fit in with current chart music.


A nice slow beat here, with more modern-sounding vocals. Love that ‘like a prayer’ lyrical callback!

Come Alive

Really nice rhythm on this one, which has a summery chilled out feel.

Extreme Occident

Gorgeous piano on the backing instrumentals, lovely tune. The vocal line is beautiful too.

Faz Gostoso

Another track that fits well into ’10s Latin pop – I fully expect to hear this one emanating from every Zumba classroom soon!

Bitch I’m Loca

Another Latin-tinged duet with Maluma, with a good danceable rhythm.

I Don’t Search I Find

Nice ’90s-tinged dance beat here that slightly reminds me of the Ray Of Light album.

Looking For Mercy

Slow and atmospheric – I really like this track.

I Rise

Another slow-ish track to finish the album – it builds nicely, but I find the tune a bit uninspired.

Overall it’s a very interesting album with a lot of variety. I’ll be coming back to this one.

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