2018 Chart of the Year

The UK Top 100 of 2018 has been confirmed! Some thoughts:

  • I at least ‘sort of like’ thirty-eight of the songs, which is more than I expected. The rest are all at least ‘fairly awful’, with a handful actually being painful to listen to.
  • I am hoping that the 2019 chart will not be similarly filled with songs from the soundtracks of film musicals.
  • I am not exactly thrilled that Calvin Harris and Dua Lipa’s One Kiss was the top song of 2018, ’cause I find it extremely dull.
  • However, I do think it’s brilliant that the Killers’ Mr Brightside, which was released in 2004, is still sitting at #80! Apparently this is because people are constantly streaming it to play in the background at things like weddings and football matches. It was probably my second favourite track out of the whole Top 100 (5 Seconds Of Summer’s Youngblood was my favourite), which says something about how much the quality of chart music has declined even in the last fourteen years!
  • I am already looking forward to the ‘Top 100 of the Decade’ chart that will be released in a year’s time…

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