Phone Box Thursday: Station Road, Whitley Bay

Today’s phone box is very special, and is my favourite ‘local’ phone box (i.e. one I can get to on the Tyne and Wear Metro).

Red phone box
Red phone box, Station Road, Whitley Bay, 22nd July 2017.

(Coordinates 55°04’01.5″N, 1°44’24.4″W.)

This phone box, which stands outside Whitley Bay Metro station, is a K4 model from the ’20s, which is very rare – it’s one of only ten still in existence and one of only four still in public use.  Its ‘Post Office’ sign is not an indication of a later change of use – the K4 was designed by the Post Office to incorporate a postbox and stamp dispenser.  Next time I’m in Whitley Bay, I’m going to investigate the box properly and see how much of the original infrastructure survives!

Update 16th December 2021: better picture at last!

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