A different beat

Back to work today!  Another full day to get on with things before a hectic weekend.

Again, I did a pre-weigh-in SP day today – I’m at a wedding this weekend where there will obviously be a lot of eating and drinking, followed by a midweek visit from some of the in-laws, so I’m hoping to lose a couple of pounds as a buffer.  There’s been a bit more alcohol this week than there should have been, so we’ll see!  Fingers crossed.

(My first couple of months at target, incidentally, have really proven to me what I already knew: the summer is definitely the hardest time of year for me to stay on plan.)

Geth’s been away this afternoon and evening, so I’ve been taking the opportunity to listen to music that’s not Lisa and Kieran’s wedding playlist, courtesy of the Now! ’80s channel!

OOTD 8th August 2018
OOTD: that is my slightly grumpy ‘it’s still stupidly hot, where is this cooling down that everyone’s talking about?’ face. Dress unknown brand (thrifted from Steff in 2016).

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