Phone Box Thursday: City Square, Leeds

We’re still in Leeds town centre, and today we’re looking at a rather handsome row of four red phone boxes in City Square.

Red phone boxes
Red phone boxes, City Square, Leeds, 24th July 2016.

(Coordinates 53°79’64.9″N, 1°54’79.3″W.)

Each of the phone boxes is very well preserved, so clearly Leeds city council have put some work into these ones.

Red phone boxes
The four phone boxes are all in good condition – no smashed windows or graffiti here.

They frame the restaurant building very nicely!

Red phone boxes
Handy if you’re eating at the restaurant, need to make a phone call, and are so much of a 20th century throwback that you don’t have a mobile (I salute your dedication if so!)

Join us again next week for more Leeds phone boxes.

Update August 2022: added coordinates.

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