2018 Ciders #43: Brickworks 901

This was the first of the two ciders that I had while out for drinks with Mum at Pogue Mahone on the Tuesday in Toronto.

I was pleased to find that a plus point of the Pogue Mahone management change is that they’ve started serving Brickworks 901 in a regular pint glass, because when I was in Toronto two years ago, they used to serve it in a jam jar!

Unfortunately I did not escape the jam jar, because I found they were still using it at the Elephant & Castle three days later:

Brickworks 901
Brickworks 901.

Anyway, the cider.  Brickworks is one of the most prominent cider companies in Canada – they make a good few different ones – and the 901 is probably the most common on draught in bars.  It’s got a lovely medium sweetish taste – you just have to try and avoid the ‘jam jar as glass’ thing!

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