Weight loss update

I’m so nearly there.

After a few up and down weeks, I had a great loss at Slimming World yesterday – 3lbs off and Slimmer of the Week.  I’m now only 2.5lbs away from my target weight.

I don’t expect to achieve it next week, because apart from during the early days when I was losing very fast, I’ve never really had big losses two weeks in a row.  I think the following week is a good one to aim for, though, so I’m going to try my very hardest.  I desperately want to be at target before all the summer ‘holiday weekends’ start happening, as stuff like that always gets in the way of weight loss, so I’d much rather be in maintenance mode by then.  There’s also the fact that once I’m at target, I won’t have to pay my weekly Slimming World fee anymore!

Fingers crossed – we’ll see how it goes.

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