Finding the balance

I’m on week eight of the marathon training plan now, and the mileage is really starting to rack up. I’m thrilled with the fact that my limbs and joints seem to be coping really well with it this time round, and other than a bit of recovery aching I’ve had no issues with injuries or anything like that.

I’m less thrilled with the fact that the marathon training appetite has crept up on me in recent weeks! Since the start of the year I’ve been making a concerted effort to lose the pandemic weight and have been doing really well. Balancing weight loss efforts with the need to fuel my running properly is really difficult. I’m starting to feel overtired on some of my runs, so I know I need to eat a bit more than I am doing, even if it slows the weight loss down a bit.

I’m genuinely enjoying marathon training, but I am also looking forward to the summer when this balance will be a bit easier!