Saturday ’80s Photo: Fitech Personal Fitness Calculator

A couple of years ago, Mum and Dad gave me this 1984 flexidisc for my ’80s collection. The fonts are fantastic!

Fitech Personal Fitness Calculator

Of course, it has its own Discogs entry!

I wasn’t even sure how a flexidisc operated as we didn’t typically use them when I was little. The below YouTube demonstrates this particular disc.

As I understand it, I could play the disc on my turntable even without the card it supposedly came with, but I’m not sure how useful it would be!

2020 Pestos #7: Sacla No. 1 Classic Basil Pesto

This one is classic by name and classic by nature. I’ve been eating it for a long time. When I was really little and first discovered pesto (in the golden age of pesto that was the ’80s), the jar for this pesto looked like this:

'80s Sacla pesto jar
I think Dad gave me an old jar to store beads in the very early ’90s and I’ve been hoarding it ever since without using them. Nice to have the old jar though!

Nowadays there are a lot more flavours of Sacla pesto and so they have a numbered system to keep track of them all. Modern jars for the original basil pesto look like this:

Sacla No. 1 Classic Basil Pesto
Sacla No. 1 Classic Basil Pesto.

The taste of this pesto has changed over time as well as they’ve gradually altered the recipe. It originally tasted more like the pestos that call themselves ‘pesto alla genovese’ nowadays. These days, it’s got quite a strong, rich taste that I find more suited to the ‘chicken pesto’ meal I make with pasta, Quorn chicken style pieces and green vegetables.

That meal is Geth’s favourite, so we eat this pesto at least once a week!

Saturday ’80s Photo: Summer Fields

There were a lot of summer fields on my long trail race today, so these ones from Shetland in 1985 feel appropriate today. My memory doesn’t quite go back far enough to remember this particular walk, but I am fairly sure being pushed in a buggy is easier than running/walking miles and miles under your own steam.

Shetland, 1985

On a related note, race review coming tomorrow!

Saturday ’80s Photo: Ice Creaaaam

Pretty much every photo of me from spring and summer 1987 involves an ice cream. It was clearly a warm year. Mum also seems to have partaken in a lot of the ice cream, which is surprising as she doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth! Maybe she was just holding Dad’s ice cream while he took the photo. My brother Malcolm, in this photo at least, seems to have been more interested in his own shoes. Life is simple when you’re seven months old.

Ice cream, 1987

This year has not been a warm year… until now. The warm weather has shown up just in time for me and Geth to swelter round our virtual half marathon tomorrow. We will be eating ice cream tonight. For fuelling purposes, you understand.

Flying Sunday post

Geth and I have been away for our first ‘coming out of the pandemic’ weekend with family the last couple of days, so I’m skipping my regularly scheduled blog post for today. Very tired after a long drive!

'Driving', 1987
Once upon a time I had boundless energy and enthusiasm but no fine motor skills. Today the motor(ing) skills were there, just about, but not the other stuff.

Just a quick note that we were thrilled to meet our niece for the first time. She is adorable.

Saturday ’80s Photo: The Ferry Bar

Pictures like this – with the beermats and the scratchy fabric chairs – take me right back to my childhood. There’s a particular smell in ferry bars (a combination of bar smell and sea smell?) that still exists today, but the chairs are more comfortable these days.

Ferry bar, 1987
Ferry bar, 1987.

Tables with lips to stop your drink sliding about in rough seas are still a thing too!

Saturday ’80s Photo: ‘The Storm’ Poster

I started primary school in 1989 and so there are lots of photos of me in my uniform posing with everyone I knew. This photo was taken in our kitchen the first time my grandparents visited after the school year started. However, what always catches my eye these days is the newspaper pull-out poster we had up on the wall of ‘The Storm’ (presumably the 1987 storm). I don’t recall this poster so we can’t have had it up for much longer.


Mum and Dad have had a corkboard on that wall for as long as I can remember, so maybe that’s why the ‘The Storm’ poster had to go!