Music Review: Suzi Quatro: No Control

I was interested to hear that there was a new Suzi Quatro album out this week! I first got into Suzi’s classic stuff in my late teens when I was going through my glam rock phase, and she’s still one of my favourite rock acts.

Suzi Quatro - No Control

Let’s have a listen to the new tracks.

No Soul/No Control

I like the spooky atmosphere in this one – it sort of reminds me of gothabilly tracks I’ve heard.

Going Home

It’s got a good swing rhythm, but I find the verse a bit repetitive.


This is a nice upbeat track with a real classic rock feel about it. Nice sweeping epic chorus too!

Love Isn’t Fair

Lots of stuff going on in this track – there’s a nice reggae/calypso bit in the instrumentals, a fun ’60s feel to the vocals, and a general party atmosphere. I really like this one.

Macho Man

Back to the harder guitar for this track, which is the most reminiscent so far of Suzi’s classic early ’70s period. Good piece of stompy rock.

Easy Pickings

A slightly slower track, though still quite upbeat, with lots of harmonica interspersed throughout. I really like the piano solo!

Bass Line

Despite the title, it’s again the piano that I most like in this track. It’s a lovely tune too, with a great atmosphere on the instrumentals.

Don’t Do Me Wrong

Another classic rock track with a nice swing rhythm. Love the harmonica on this one!

Heavy Duty

This is another track that could have come straight out of the ’70s. Huge bonus points for the sax solo.

I Can Teach You To Fly

This one is very reminiscent of Slade’s Coz I Love You, though it’s a little more uptempo. There are also slight hints of Abba’s later output in the vocals. It’s a very pleasing mishmash of sounds, and one of my favourite tracks on the album.

Going Down Blues

A very classic-sounding blues number to finish. Good stuff!

Overall a very interesting collection with lots of different sounds and genres going on. It feels slightly unfocused as an album, but there are quite a few standout tracks that will be going on my playlist.