Packing update

Well, it feels like slow progress, but we are gradually getting the packing done for the move.  The library is 95% done, the dining room about 50%, the bedroom maybe 20%.  Actually, that doesn’t sound like much at all, thinking about it, and now I’m panicking slightly again.  I’m hoping by the end of the weekend we’ll have broken the back of it.  I’m also hoping the new tattoo I will have from Friday onwards won’t hinder me too much with the packing work.  I didn’t really think about that when I booked the appointment in October.

I’m sort of regretting packing the DVDs first, because I keep coming across other stuff while packing that reminds me of a certain Doctor Who episode, and then I’m all like ‘ooh!  Let me just grab that DVD to check that scene…oh.’  It’s probably for the best.  I don’t need any more sources of procrastination right now.