Phone Box Thursday: Norwegian Red

An interlude today! Normally I only focus on classic red K-series British phone boxes (because I’m less interested in the KX-series boxes that came in from the mid-1980s onwards), but I had read about Norway’s equivalent while preparing for my trip last week, and was delighted to come across a Norwegian red phone box when Geth and I were exploring the museum district.

Norwegian red phone box
Norwegian red phone box, Huk Aveny, Oslo, 18th June 2022.

(Coordinates 59°90’43.5″N, 10°68’63.2″E.)

Phone boxes in Norway generally seem to be treated with a bit more care than they are here, and there was an interesting plaque inside this one explaining the history of this series of boxes:

Phone box plaque

Like many village boxes in the UK, this box is used as a book exchange:

Book exchange
‘Ta en bok – gi en bok’

Still a phone inside as well!

An interesting wee example.

Monday, I think

Home on my sofa! For a little while until the next trip, anyway. Drove back to Newcastle today and am enjoying my home comforts again.

I have really enjoyed getting back to travelling though. Now thinking about where we could go in the future 🙂

Palace Park
A picture of my favourite part of Palace Park in Oslo, discovered while doing my run loops.

parkrunday: Tøyen #143

My first Norwegian parkrun and only my second ever non-UK one!


Also my first sub-35 in many months. It was a tough five-lapper with lots of ups and downs, but I felt like I could go a bit faster this morning and it was a very freeing experience. Hot day too!

I intend to return to Oslo in future – not solely for parkrun reasons, but it’s exciting that there are a few different ones to do here!

Oslo wanderings

I’ve spent quite a lot of the trip so far working indoors, but there have been a few nice walks as well. Here’s the waterfront, which is generally my favourite part of any city.

Oslo waterfront

More wandering tomorrow – the whole place is very pretty.