2021 Ice Creams #5: Halo Top Sea Salt Caramel

Another Halo Top offering this week…

Halo Top Sea Salt Caramel
Halo Top Sea Salt Caramel.

I’m a big fan of salted caramel in general but this ice cream was extra especially good – sweet, smooth and with a strong caramel taste. We’ve not had it very often this year (Halo Top is slightly pricy so is an occasional treat) but it’s on my list for one of the first to have again in spring 2022.

2021 Ice Creams #2: Asda Birthday Cake Ice Cream

This one is a bit of an odd entry…

Asda Birthday Cake Ice Cream
Asda Birthday Cake Ice Cream.

…because we’ve had two varieties of it this year – they’ve seemingly changed the recipe. The first variety contained actual chunks of cake within the ice cream. Geth was a big fan of that one but I wasn’t so keen – I didn’t like the soggy texture of the cake chunks. They then switched to a variety that didn’t have the cake but had chewy candy sprinkles in it instead. The taste of the actual ice cream hasn’t changed – it’s nice, but a little too sweet for me. There are other flavours of Asda ice cream that I much prefer.

2021 Ice Creams #1: Jude’s Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream

I’m finally getting round to logging this year’s food collection! I probably won’t get it finished until we’re into 2022 though…

A quick note about why I do these yearly food logging series: it encourages me to try new things. I have various issues around food tastes and textures and am very much of the ‘I know what I like and it’s not much’ school. I don’t consider this a bad thing, but I do like to search for possible new favourites in a ‘safe’ way (i.e. food type I know I generally like, particular version I’ve not had before).

2021 was all about the ice cream. This was actually because 2020 was all about the ice cream and for 2021 I decided to make it official. I waited until spring as it’s very much a seasonal food for me, but there were still a lot I ended up trying this year!

Jude's Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream
Jude’s Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream.

The first one I tried was this vegan chocolate one from Jude’s. As it’s vegan, it’s made with coconut milk – which I wasn’t sure about when I first had it, because I’m not a big fan of coconut and it meant that it didn’t melt in the way I expected – but I had it a few more times during the summer and it ended up growing on me. I quite like it now!

Saturday ’80s Photo: Ice Creaaaam

Pretty much every photo of me from spring and summer 1987 involves an ice cream. It was clearly a warm year. Mum also seems to have partaken in a lot of the ice cream, which is surprising as she doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth! Maybe she was just holding Dad’s ice cream while he took the photo. My brother Malcolm, in this photo at least, seems to have been more interested in his own shoes. Life is simple when you’re seven months old.

Ice cream, 1987

This year has not been a warm year… until now. The warm weather has shown up just in time for me and Geth to swelter round our virtual half marathon tomorrow. We will be eating ice cream tonight. For fuelling purposes, you understand.