A different kind of busy

Friday evening is here, and so we move from weekday busy to weekend busy. A nice change of scenery!

It’s been a really busy week with work and so I’ve not had time to do any studying. Hopefully I will be able to fit that in next week. The course organisers have just released three new modules so there’s plenty to get on with between now and Christmas.

Geth and I were meant to be volunteering at Jesmond Dene parkrun tomorrow, but unfortunately they’ve had to cancel. Under normal circumstances this would mean I’d be scrabbling around trying to decide on a replacement parkrun, but there’s an all-day TechUp online event tomorrow and it’d be nice to attend all the sessions for that, so I think it’ll be another week with no parkrun. I definitely want to get back to it next week though!

On Sunday I’ve got my last race of the season. A bit late this year – next year I’ll definitely be ending the season with the GNR in September! But it’ll be nice to tootle along for 10k and get some fresh air, assuming the weather’s not awful. We’re then seeing Mum and Dad later in the day, which will be lovely.

The weekend after should be a lot quieter… which will be a well-timed lull before the busy Christmas visiting period!

New hair
Same new hair as on every haircut day, but this time with bonus tree lights.

This week’s earworm playlists:


Masashi Hamauzu – ‘Thunder Plains’
The Running Channel – ‘Run With Me’
Celine Dion – ‘It’s All Coming Back To Me’


Bing Crosby – ‘White Christmas’


Chris Rea – ‘Driving Home For Christmas’
Masashi Hamauzu – ‘Thunder Plains’


Herman Hupfeld – ‘As Time Goes By’


Elton John – ‘I’m Still Standing’


Masashi Hamauzu – ‘Thunder Plains’


Masashi Hamauzu – ‘Thunder Plains’
Boyzone – ‘A Different Beat’

A quick breather!

For today, anyway. Lots to do, despite the fact that my clients are mostly on holiday and thus so am I!

It’s been a busy week. Monday was a big accounting catchup day for my business as I’ve not had time to keep up with it over the last few hectic months. Tuesday was spent in Geth’s office at work, as they’re moving buildings again and we needed to pack up all his stuff so it can be transferred to his new office. Wednesday I had a hair appointment and took the opportunity to run a few other errands while I was out, and yesterday was 18-miler day on my marathon training schedule. I’ve also been doing initial planning and coding for my new game!

I was really anxious about yesterday’s run as my long runs so far this training block have been fairly miserable due to various issues. However, everything (mostly) came together yesterday, and I was able to have a really positive, steady run. I’ve recovered really well so am feeling a lot more confident about the remaining long runs on the schedule!

I know I say this most weeks but next week should definitely be quieter… I hope!

'80s font on crate
Some of the crates provided to pack up Geth’s office were clearly a few decades old! Loving the ’80s font on this one.

This week’s earworm playlists:


Elvis Presley – ‘Return To Sender’


KC & The Sunshine Band – ‘Give It Up’


Duran Duran – ‘Save A Prayer’


Nobuo Uematsu – ‘Boss Theme A’


Nobuo Uematsu – ‘Boss Theme A’


Duran Duran – ‘Invisible’
Duran Duran and Chai – ‘More Joy’


Queen – ‘A Winter’s Tale’
Carter USM – ‘The Only Living Boy In New Cross’
Ultravox – ‘Vienna’
Peter Gabriel – ‘Games Without Frontiers’

Getting cosy

I was awake about three hours earlier this morning than I have been recently, as I wanted to get a treadmill run in before my hair appointment. It’s nice to have my hair in check again (it was getting unwieldy), but I find that if I don’t get a lot of sleep then I’m really hungry the next day! Currently trying to resist the mince pies in the cupboard, though I don’t expect I’ll last out for the whole afternoon.

Since I got back, I’ve just been working on my game for the current Adventuron jam. It’s a fairly short game but I’m really enjoying making it!

I’ve made the sofa a bit cosier and comfier (and wintry-looking!) by putting on a big faux-mink blanket that had been sitting at the back of a cupboard for years until I pulled it out last week. Now looking forward to a properly relaxing evening of not doing very much. Tomorrow should be fairly quiet as well!

New hair
I’ve had my hair done in the same style every time for a few years now, but it still always takes me a few days to get used to its newly short length!

Today’s earworm playlist:

Sebastian Gampl and Tommy Reeve – ‘Under Control’
Duran Duran – ‘Winter Marches On’
Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber – ‘I Don’t Care’

Getting a haircut during the apocalypse

The last time, until today, that I got my hair cut was just before Christmas, during the last-minute blurry rush that always takes place from around the 20th of December until Christmas Day. I fully expected I’d be back at the end of February, or, more likely, in March. I always intend to get my hair cut every couple of months, but it usually ends up being more like three.

So we got to mid-March, as expected, and I was just vaguely thinking that it was probably about time to go get my hair cut again…

…and then we all know what happened next. Hair appointments were off the table for a long time.

As such, I’ve spent the last four months getting steadily more and more annoyed by my hair. I’m not really bothered about what it looks like, as I’ve not been going out anywhere – it’s more that it gets in my way and in my eyes and in my face and just generally irritates.

So when it was announced last month that hairdressers would be able to open again, and my usual hairdresser started taking bookings for July… well, I got in there sharpish. I’ve generally been pretty cautious about returning to normal life (I haven’t been to a pub or restaurant or non-essential shop yet and probably won’t for several more months at least), but I made an exception in this case, partially because it was made clear that there would be a lot of precautions and everyone involved would be wearing masks and PPE.

So off I toddled this morning, excited about having normal-feeling hair again. I couldn’t wear the transparent mask I wrote about last week, because the elastic straps on it tie at the back of the head and would get in the way of my haircut. Instead, I wore a running buff (everyone in the running community calls them buffs after the brand name, though non-Buff brands tend to refer to them by other names such as ‘cowl’ or ‘snood’ or ‘neck tube’ or ‘multi-purpose headwear’… you get the idea) to cover my face, as I thought the back part would be low enough down my neck that it would be okay. However, after I’d been ushered in and was sitting down having my haircut, my hairdresser suggested that I wear one with ear loops next time, as it would make things easier. A good reason to start learning how to make my own transparent masks!

Haircut during a pandemic
Perspex, perspex everywhere. I appreciated that the staff were using perspex face visors, which meant that I could still lipread them… well, at points when I didn’t have to remove my glasses and hearing aids!

The salon did feel a bit bizarre with everyone – staff and customers alike – decked out in PPE and face masks, and perspex screens all over the place. However, I really appreciate that this is what the world needs to look like as we start moving on with our lives again – it was similar when I drove Geth to his hospital appointment yesterday and the entire hospital was full of people in masks – and to be honest, these kinds of precautions really do help me feel a lot safer when returning to situations I haven’t been in since before lockdown.

I paid an extra quid for the PPE (which is basically half a bin bag that you put over yourself during the appointment), and took it away with me so that I can clean it and bring it to reuse next time. I’ll need to remember that I’ve got it!


New hair
A bit tousled after walking home in the wind and rain (and also very moussed – it will look properly normal after I wash my hair tomorrow).

I’m home now with comfortable-feeling hair, which is all I wanted, really. I expect it will be a long time before we don’t need to take precautions at the hairdresser and similar situations, so it’s probable that the experience will be identical when I go for my next appointment in September.

Or October, as is more likely…

Bonus hours

A slightly out-of-pattern day today. First of all, I was up at six, which is extremely rare for me – I’m (a) a self-employed person who sets her own hours and (b) not a morning person. However, Geth had an early hospital appointment for a sleep-deprived EEG, meaning he’d had to stay awake all night, and so I was up and about early so that I could drive him to the hospital and back.

This meant that I didn’t go for my run until we got back…

…although the hospital appointment had been so early that I still managed to get out for the run about half an hour earlier than I did yesterday!

I’ve spent the rest of the day doing day job work and a bit of coding for a fun side project game. The plan is for the same again tomorrow… and then the new Paper Mario game will be showing up in the post, which is my weekend sorted 🙂

I’ve also got a hairdresser appointment tomorrow morning, for the first time since Christmas. It’ll all be very masked and sterile, but I’m so looking forward to having my lockdown hair sorted out!

Adventuron blank screen
A blank screen in the Adventuron editor, ready to code. I’ll see a few of these over the next few weeks as I have a lot of short, fun games planned for the rest of the summer.

Today’s earworm playlist:

Jennifer Lopez – ‘Louboutins’
Nobuo Uematsu – ‘Temple Of Chaos’
The Beatles – ‘Drive My Car’
Beach Boys – ‘Sloop John B’

The quiet inter-Christmas

Geth and I have established a new pattern from last year onwards where we do pre-Christmas with Geth’s family around the time of Geth’s mum’s birthday, which is mid-December. This is a bit of a win-win, as it (a) means we get to celebrate Anne’s birthday with her and (b) gives us roughly a week to have our own bit of Christmas – just the two of us with our sofa and our videogames – before we join my family for Christmas itself.

Today has been a Christmas holiday kind of day. Geth has been off work for a week already and my work has thankfully been quiet this week as well (although you can never rule out a last-minute urgent client deadline on Christmas Eve, so I’m not declaring myself officially on holiday until 5pm on Tuesday!). I went and had my hair cut this morning, and since then have been relaxing with my 3DS on headphones while Geth has been playing the Switch on the main TV. I love Christmas.

Back to parkrun tomorrow morning… finally! My cold is properly gone now so I am all set.

Radiant Historia Perfect Chronology on 3DS
Not an OOTD: I’ve been playing the demo of Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology. This is a really enjoyable game and I may end up getting the full version seeing as how it’s currently on offer in the Nintendo eShop.

Today’s earworm playlist:

Perry Como – ‘It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas’
The Communards – ‘Don’t Leave Me This Way’

Still finding alternative worlds

I find I’m waking up really early at the moment – lots to do, lots to think about. It does mean more productive mornings, so I’ll take it for now.

As such, I was at my ‘desk’ at eight this morning, meaning that I managed to get all of my admin and most of my writing jobs done by the time I had to leave for my lunchtime hair appointment. I got on with more writing and coding for the rest of the afternoon, and am now looking forward to an evening of videogames. I know I’m doing the same thing every night at the moment, but I’m finding it really relaxing!

Tomorrow evening will be different, though, as ukulele class starts again after the summer break! I’m really looking forward to it.

OOTD 17th September 2019
OOTD: new hair, same as usual new hair! Plus another cosy ’80s jumper. Glasses Emporio Armani (2017), jumper Ellend (vintage 1980s, bought at vintage fair 2019).

Today’s earworm playlist:

Oasis – (What’s The Story) Morning Glory?
Duran Duran – Hungry Like The Wolf
Duran Duran – Girls On Film
Yuzo Koshiro – Labyrinth I: Emerald Woodlands
Murray Gold and Neil Hannon – Love Don’t Roam
Jess Glynne – All I Am

Making sounds

Still no review posts at the moment because I’ve been busy catching up with admin and house stuff. I will get back to them tomorrow!

I went for a long-overdue haircut this morning, and then Mum and Dad popped in for a coffee at lunchtime – it was nice to see them (and to confirm that two cars will fit on our driveway, even if one of them is a giant Land Rover!).

I’ve spent the rest of the day doing house stuff and playing my ukulele. Geth is out boardgaming tonight, so the ukulele-playing will probably continue.

OOTD 4th June 2019
OOTD: new hair…and into the summer uniform despite the fact that it’s freezing. Glasses Emporio Armani (2017), t-shirt H&M (2018), jeans Miss Selfridge (2018), shoes 1st Position (2018).

Today’s earworm playlist:

Culture Club – Church Of The Poison Mind
Heaven 17 – Temptation
XTC – Senses Working Overtime
Fleetwood Mac – Dreams
Wilson Pickett – Mustang Sally
Avicii and Aloe Blacc – Wake Me Up
Sam Cooke – Wonderful World

Ready to eat all the pancakes!

A bit of a day off today, which has been nice. I did my Tuesday morning recovery run, went to the hairdresser, and then did a few things in town.

Pancakes and boardgaming with Geth tonight, and then back to the editing tomorrow!

OOTD 5th March 2019
OOTD: my fringe only ever looks like this on hairdresser days! Scarf unknown brand (2015), top Cyberdog (2008), jeans Levi (2018), boots Moda In Pelle (2018).

Today’s earworm playlist:

The Housemartins – Build
Julian Lennon – Too Late For Goodbyes
Roxy Music – Love Is The Drug
Sheena Easton – Nine To Five (Morning Train)
Soft Cell – Say Hello, Wave Goodbye
Billie Eilish – Bury A Friend