‘Race’ Review: Great Run Solo 12 Runs Of Christmas Challenge 2020

This December challenge was the second (and last as of now) of the Great Run Solo accumulators that I’ve entered, following October’s Hallowe’en event.

It followed a fairly similar formula to the Hallowe’en version, this time requiring participants to complete twelve runs between the 1st and 25th of December. Usually you don’t get the medal until the following month, but on this occasion they sent them out early (before most people had even completed the challenge) so that we could all use the alternative ‘tree decoration’ ribbon to hang them on our Christmas trees!

There were three medals designed for this challenge, and it was a surprise as to which one you would be sent. Mine was a Santa medal, but I’d have been equally happy with a snowman or reindeer!

Great Run Solo 12 Days Of Christmas medal
A little bit of extra sparkle for my 2020 tree!

The basic challenge wasn’t really a challenge for me as I run every day anyway, so my main interest was in seeing how much mileage I could rack up. It wasn’t as much as I would have liked as I was still on a bit of a post-London slump, and so I only managed the lowest of the three certificate levels, but anything was a win in the first part of December.

Post-Christmas I was a bit more refreshed and was able to move onto slightly bigger challenges, which I’ll discuss in the next few weeks!

Last few days of Christmas, and a bit of blog admin

I’ll mostly be doing photo posts this week as I’ll be busy with putting the Christmas decorations away and getting back to work. From next Monday onwards the blog will be back on schedule, though it’ll be a different schedule from what it has been over the last year! With the pandemic continuing to rumble on, life is a bit too quiet for daily diary posts, and so I’ll be doing weekly life updates on Fridays instead. The rest of the week will be dedicated to ramblings about my various hobbies, which remain over-numerous.

I’m excited about a slight change of direction as there are lots of things I want to write about in more detail. More info about this next week (as I haven’t quite finalised everything yet!).

Colourful leggings
The leggings I wore for my birthday yesterday. 2020 was the year of colourful trousers and I do not imagine that will change for 2021!

Today’s earworm playlist:

Tears For Fears – ‘Shout’

Post on 2nd January!

I feel in between today, as usual.

However, a Christmas gift came in the post today to cheer me up. I’ve always been in Scotland (where 2nd January is a public holiday) for New Year in the past, so have never known post to arrive on the 2nd of January before.

The gift was a tree decoration from our family friend Chris. We always see her at New Year but obviously couldn’t this time round.

Tree decoration

I also made my own birthday cake for the first time ever, with instruction from Dad over video call. I’ll be able to tell you tomorrow if it turned out okay!

Today’s earworm playlist:

The Weeknd – ‘Blinding Lights’
Coldplay – ‘Christmas Lights’
Heaven 17 – ‘Let Me Go’

Christmas presents, 2007

Today’s picture shows the haul under Mum and Dad’s tree on Christmas Eve, 2007. As a family we are very lucky and are able to give each other lots of nice things to open on Christmas morning. It’s a really special time and I’m already looking forward to next year.

Christmas presents, 2007

Today’s earworm playlist:

Traditional – ‘I Saw Three Ships’
Black – ‘Wonderful Life’

And a bonus track that Geth was humming earlier:

Traditional – ‘On Christmas Night All Christians Sing’

Christmas cat, 2005

Today’s picture features the wonderful and much-missed José, who was the feline love of my life. He was always able to unearth his own presents underneath the tree due to the unmistakeable* scent of the catnip contained within.

*to a cat, anyway.

Christmas cat, 2005

Today’s earworm playlist:

Pet Shop Boys – ‘Heart’
Ed Sheeran – ‘Castle On The Hill’
Carter USM – ‘Bloodsport For All’
Beyoncé and Jay-Z – ‘Crazy In Love’

Carousel, 1989

There’s a Christmas cake on the table too, but the wee bro and I were more interested in the carousel. It plays music if you pull the tab.

Christmas carousel

Today’s earworm playlist:

Andy Williams – ‘It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year’
Robert Allen – ‘Holidaius’
Mike Hewer – ‘Snowman Party’