Booze Alternative: Britvic Ginger Ale

Two months after I first tried Britvic Ginger Beer (and there was a bit of confusion at the bar about whether I was having the ginger beer or the ginger ale), I finally came across the ginger ale in the hotel bar in Inverness the other week. It was very different to the ginger beer, so I can finally confirm that it was definitely the ginger beer I had in Newburgh!

Britvic Ginger Ale
Britvic Ginger Ale.

Contrary to what the label on the bottle neck says, this one is not spicy at all. However, it’s got a lovely sweet taste, and was very pleasant.

Booze Alternative: Britvic Ginger Beer

Over the last month and a bit, I’ve tried quite a few ginger beers and ales, and I’ve discovered that there are two things I prefer in this particular subgroup of beverages:

  1. A sweet and strong taste.
  2. Just enough spice to add nicely to the above without causing me to have a coughing fit while drinking it.

Britvic Ginger Beer, I have found, fits both criteria beautifully.

Britvic Ginger Beer
Britvic Ginger Beer.

I first tried this one in the bar at the Red Lion in Newburgh, where we were staying for Jen’s 30th birthday a few weeks ago. There was a bit of confusion, because the bar had both Britvic Ginger Beer and Britvic Ginger Ale, but according to the barman it was definitely the ginger beer that I had. Anyway, it was delicious, and so when we were in Leeds last Saturday night, I was delighted when Geth returned from the hotel bar with another bottle so that I could try it again.

It was still the tastiest of ginger beers, so I will continue to look out for it wherever I go!