Wanderings in southwest Scotland

We had a good wander today with Mum and Dad, visiting Torbridge Stone Circle, Druchtag Motte, St Ninian’s Cave and Isle of Whithorn. We even found a previously-unfound red phone box for my collection!

St Ninian's Cave
The cave was actually closed to visitors due to recent rockfall activity, but it was a nice walk. Photo (c) John Cooke 2022.

Lovely day for it and it looks like we might have good weather back at home as well. Heading back tomorrow.

Great start to the weekend

A really good 24 hours. I found out late last night that I’d come third in the most recent game competition I entered, I finally made it to the social run group I’d been meaning to join this morning and now I’m back in Dumfries and Galloway for some more running adventures here. Looking forward to the next few days!

Gaming time

Another medical saga today, but it’s a bit depressing to go into and it worked out okay in the end. Time to think about more interesting things!

The initial stages of the new game are going well, though I’m taking it fairly slowly this week as I ease back into it. I’ve also got a couple of short games that I plan to play over the next few days, especially as we’ll be travelling again for a couple of days.

Back for a bit

Back in Newcastle this evening, but we’ll have another trip to Dumfries and Galloway later in the summer. Hoping for drier weather next time.

In the meantime, I’ve got a new game idea that I’ll be starting to play around with this week, and a few house things to start tinkering with. Both of these are the beginning of projects that will culminate in the autumn, which is quite exciting. It means autumn isn’t a million miles away!

A bit of rain

Okay, quite a lot of rain where we are this weekend. But it’s been fine as we’ve had a much-needed quiet couple of days, and we’ve been able to get out and about a couple of times, which has been nice.

Looking forward to a runexplore tomorrow morning and hopefully a drier afternoon.

Back on the train

On my travels again today! Flying visit to Edinburgh as I still have my dentist there; Geth holding the fort at home again. Glad to be getting most of my summer train journeys out of the way while there still seems to be relatively little disruption!

Back home tomorrow for the start of a very quiet weekend.

And sleep

Very tired tonight after travelling home! I had a lovely time at the gig yesterday (though it was far too hot to go and see most of the bands – I sat in the shade under a tree instead).

More dashing about later in the week but a nice quiet day tomorrow.

Off adventuring again

I’ve got another outdoor Duran Duran gig to attend this weekend so I’m off down to London tomorrow (timing could have been better, looks like it’s going to be impossibly hot down there) while Geth holds the fort at home. This will be the very last of my pandemic-postponed events (not counting the two that never got rescheduled – I’m still holding out hope for them but it’s looking unlikely now!).

Once I was finally able to break free of the endless news-watching trap in which I had become entangled due to this week’s events, I had a really good go at Bravely Default II yesterday. I got the game when it came out in February 2021 and have been playing it on and off for over a year, but hadn’t actually opened it up since last October – I’ve been far too busy with other things since then! Hopefully this summer I will actually finish it.