2018 Ciders #11: M&S Devon Farmhouse Cider Medium Dry

As the last week has been so insane with the move, I’ve been drinking a bit more cider than I really should.  This was another of my birthday ciders, which I had on Saturday night after a few glasses of prosecco.

M&S Devon Farmhouse Cider Medium Dry
M&S Devon Farmhouse Cider Medium Dry.

I was a little out of it (moving day had been a long day and the prosecco went straight to my head), but I do remember it having a vaguely similar taste to Breton cider, which is no bad thing.

2018 Ciders #10: Friels

Friels was another of my birthday ciders that I had about a week and a half ago.  I then had a couple of pints of the stuff at my local last Thursday and it knocked me out a bit; it’s pretty strong stuff and having lost a lot of weight my alcohol tolerance is a long way from what it used to be.  It’s nice stuff though.


The taste is perfectly medium in my book, with the apple flavour very strong.  I do enjoy it, but given the aforementioned reduced tolerance I’m going to have to be careful with stronger ciders from now on if I’m having more than just the one.