2018 Ciders #73: Sheppy’s 2017 Vintage Reserve

Dad brought back some more Sheppy’s from the West Country earlier in the year for me to drink over Christmas. Most of them were ones I’d tried previously this year, but one was new to me.

Sheppy's 2017 Vintage Reserve
Sheppy’s 2017 Vintage Reserve, with bonus unimpressed Geth in the background.

This cider is 7.4% vol and it tastes it! It actually tasted a little too strong for me. It’s still got that nice Sheppy’s flavour though.

2018 Ciders #55: Sheppy’s Original Cloudy Cider

This is another one that Dad brought me from the south-west.

Sheppy's Original Cloudy Cider
Sheppy’s Original Cloudy Cider.

This has a lovely comforting warm sweet taste, and is my favourite out of all the Sheppy’s ciders I’ve tried.  When Mum and Dad went back to the south-west a couple of weeks ago, they asked if there was a particular variety I wanted, and this is the one I chose!  I’ve not checked yet if they managed to find it, but I hope they did ’cause it would make a lovely Christmas drink this winter.

2018 Ciders #40: Sheppy’s Classic Draught Cider

On visiting my parents’ house recently, I found that Dad had collected a whole load of different Sheppy’s ciders while on a trip to the West Country.  Expect to see lots of them reviewed here over the next few weeks!

Sheppy's Classic Draught Cider
Sheppy’s Classic Draught Cider.

Sheppy’s Classic Draught has what I would consider a perfect medium taste.  It’s also very refreshing without being too watery-tasting – absolutely perfect for summer.