2018 Ciders #7: Hand Brake

So yesterday in the pub, I got Non-Dry February started with a pint of Hand Brake, another cider from the Rosie’s Pig line (like Flat Tyre).

Hand Brake cider logo
The Hand Brake tap in the pub. It was nice and quiet so there was nobody around to give me weird looks for taking photos of the bar equipment.

Like its stablemate (applemate? brewerymate?), Hand Brake is a pretty pinky-red colour.  The label says it’s damson-flavoured, but it tasted more like raspberries to me.

Pint of Hand Brake
My pint of Hand Brake. It’s a slightly deeper red than the rhubarb-pink of Flat Tyre.

It’s a nice flavoured pint, but I’d say Flat Tyre has the edge for me – the rhubarb is just a bit more interesting.  I wouldn’t be disappointed to find either on tap in a pub in future though!

2018 Ciders #6: Flat Tyre

Another birthday cider!

Flat Tyre
Flat Tyre, with its lovely pinky rhubarb hue.

This one happened to be on draught at the pub on my birthday – they often get interesting ciders in – and I ended up having a couple, ’cause the rhubarb flavour was so nice.  I’d not had a pink cider since the strange beetroot one I discovered during the Wetherspoons summer cider festival of 2013; this one is a lot better.

Also, a kind friend brought me a can of the stuff (among other ciders) as a birthday present…

Flat Tyre can
I really like the design of the Flat Tyre can!

…which means I’ve got one all ready for Non-Dry February.  Looking forward to it!