Winding down!

An attempt at a slow mile this morning…

…because the last week has been a bit speedier than usual running-wise. I think it’s partly been the adrenaline generated by Thursday’s announcement about the London Marathon. I’m very excited about my training for my replacement October challenge and beyond, and have now also signed up to the Virtual Great North Run in order to provide me with a mid-training focus. However, I do need to make extra sure now that my mile runs are strictly recovery pace, hence my deliberate slow speed today.

It’s Monday, so I’m taking the rest of the day off. Back to it tomorrow!

Bridges of the Tyne
Bridges of the Tyne in central Newcastle during our walk on Friday. It was overcast but very muggy.

Today’s earworm playlist:

Pulp – ‘Disco 2000’

Trying to have a quieter day

Another mile today…

…and hopefully I’ll get back to my slightly longer midweek run tomorrow.

Today has mostly been a quiet day of catching up with all the admin I neglected during the last week of the jam, with a bonus technical difficulty in trying to get all my WhatsApp chats off my old phone and onto my new one. I rarely use WhatsApp but I like to have an archive. Anyway, it’s all sorted now.

Looking forward to playing some more game jam entries tonight!

Rainbow Metro sign
A picture from over the weekend – I’ve not been on the Metro since before lockdown, but it was nice to see the rainbows on the signs as I walked past the station.

Today’s earworm playlist:

ACE+ – ‘Mechonis Field’
Alison Moyet – ‘Is This Love?’

Winter wandering

After getting some more DIY stuff done with Dad this morning (extractor fan installed! lightbulbs completed! car lights and tyres checked!) I headed into town with Mum and Dad for a walk. We had some lunch at the Christmas market and went to see Fenwick’s Christmas window (a Newcastle tradition), then had a wander over the bridges into Gateshead and back.

Another nice evening meal tonight! Back on plan tomorrow prior to Slimming World weigh-in on Friday.

Outside Fenwick's Christmas window
Not an OOTD: Mum and Dad outside Fenwick’s Christmas window. This year’s theme is Charlie & The Chocolate Factory.

Today’s earworm playlist:

Duran Duran – ‘Winter Marches On’

A Wednesday out

I’m not usually out and about on Wednesdays, but seeing as Keith and Helen were in Newcastle today, it was nice for me and Geth to be able to show them around town.

After they visited the house (and gave us some good advice about uprooting some of the garden trees we have inadvertently inherited), we went into town and had a good walk around the Quayside.  Afterwards, we went to Uno’s Trattoria for a nice meal.

Back home now, and looking forward to a quiet weekend!

OOTD 15th August 2018
OOTD: shirt Topshop (2003), jeans Levi (2018).