2018 Ciders #61: Magners Pear

After getting my taste for Bulmers Pear in the pub in South Shields after the GNR, I went for Magners Pear in the next pub to continue the theme!

Magners Pear
Magners Pear.

Magners Pear is a bit sweeter than Bulmers Pear, but it’s still very nice and nowhere near cloying.  Another good option for pubs where I’m not keen on the draught offering.

2018 Ciders #2: Magners Original

On Tuesday, I went out with the family to our favourite Italian restaurant in Edinburgh, the Bar Italia, where my mum and dad have been going since the ’70s.  The pizza there is great, but like most Italian restaurants, they don’t offer a huge deal of choice on the cider front, so a Magners it was.

Magners Original
Magners Original.

Magners is pretty ubiquitous so there’s not much to say about this one, other than the fact I expect I’ll be drinking it at lots of restaurants during 2018!