Monster fighting

Geth and I are planning on the New Year’s Day parkrun double on Wednesday, so this morning we went for a drive so as to make sure that we know where we’re going. After that, we headed round to Kieran and Lisa’s for an afternoon of boardgaming. It was nice to get a game of Eldritch Horror in for the first time in a while (complete with occasional encouragement from the wee ones) and to catch up with Sharpy for the first time this Christmas period.

A very quiet day tomorrow, although I will be facing the music at Slimming World in the afternoon.

Call To Adventure
Not an OOTD: our Christmas present from Sharpy and Steph was a new boardgame for the collection! Looking forward to trying this one.

Today’s earworm playlist:

Robson & Jerome – ‘I Believe’
Kuana Torres Kahele, James Ford Murphy and Napua Greig-Nakasone – ‘Someone To Lava’
Tomohito Nishiura – ‘Puzzles’

A quiet post-run Saturday

No review post today as I’m just having a quiet day. We had Kieran and Lisa visiting yesterday, so we got a good afternoon of boardgaming in (we played Eldritch Horror, which we’ve not done in ages!), and then after they headed off this morning, I did my long run. My long runs are getting very long now – I was on the treadmill for three and a half hours today – and so I’ve been experimenting with using sweets for energy (we had a lot left over from boardgaming snacks yesterday). They work energy-wise, but they also give me stomach ache, so I’m going to have to have a rethink.

Looking forward to another quiet day tomorrow.

OOTD 23rd March 2019
OOTD: recovering from the run in my favourite jumper. Glasses Emporio Armani (2017), jumper Carlo Colucci (vintage 1980s, bought at vintage fair 2017).

Today’s earworm playlist:

Spandau Ballet – True
Bastille – Good Grief
Gary Numan – Are ‘Friends’ Electric?