Cosy evenings

Two miles this morning…

…and I’m feeling really happy with my running this week – I was a bit concerned at the weekend because my legs were feeling really stiff and didn’t seem to be easing off, but they’re doing a lot better after a few days of recovery runs. Another two miles tomorrow before building back up over the weekend.

I was mostly doing day job work today, but I also spent some time making plans for house decor. The frames arrived for a large wall project I’m going to be working on over the next few weeks – I just need to wait for the photos I ordered from Freeprints so I can get on with things! Unfortunately the photo prints are being sent via Royal Mail (see Thursday’s post for my current woes on that subject), and we haven’t had a delivery on our street since Saturday. Fingers crossed for tomorrow.

I did, however, put up a framed print that has been sitting around upstairs for the two and a half years since we moved in. One step closer to covering up our horrible magnolia walls (they will all get painted or wallpapered eventually, but it’s going to take a long time).

I am properly enjoying my evenings in now that autumn is officially here (meteorologically speaking). I’ve got the incense and candles going on the hearth (need to stock up!) and am appreciating the earlier darkness. I know a lot of people miss summer when it’s gone but I am not one of them – I’ve been looking forward to this time for months.

Hoping for another productive day tomorrow… and maybe another item up on the wall!

Autumn hearth
It’s not quite time to have the fires on yet (although I have been blasting them in the mornings when I get cold after my run!), so the hearth is home to lit candles and incense in the evenings now. I’m not short of regular candles but am nearly out of home fragrance so need to stock up soon.

Today’s earworm playlist:

Rizzle Kicks – ‘Down With The Trumpets’
Sacre – ‘The London Marathon’
Jared Emerson-Johnson – ‘New Location Unlocked [Midtown Remix]’

Slowly getting back to normal

Well, it’s taken some work, but I have now cleared enough space in the living room that Geth and I are currently able to have a normal-ish evening (for us).

What this looks like:

  1. Geth has enough space on the living room floor to play boardgames, so he’s dug out the Star Wars: Imperial Assault collection.  It’s keeping him very quiet, so I foresee many blissfully peaceful evenings from now on!
  2. I’m playing my recordings of BBC Four’s ’80s Top of the Pops repeats on the TV.  The open-plan setup of the downstairs makes this really sociable, and I’m quite excited about the eventual way we will have everything set up – with Geth playing solo boardgames on the table in the dining area, and me watching music stuff on the TV, yet still being able to chat to each other.
  3. I finally have access to the hearth as I’ve cleared all the stuff in front of it, so I’ve lit a scented candle, which I’ve been wanting to do for weeks.  Small luxuries and all.  The next step is to get the fire actually working!

The aim is to have enough space cleared by the end of the week that I can measure the space in the dining area accurately enough that I know what the Kallax boardgame storage is going to encompass, so I can get the big Ikea order placed.  Exciting!

My possibly temporary ornament shelf

No phone box tonight, ’cause I did promise some house pictures.  This is a start:

Ornament shelf
All of our ornaments (well, all the ones I’ve come across in the unpacking so far) sitting on an Ikea Billy shelf, which may or may not live there long-term.

Once we have access to the hearth (it’s currently hidden behind various shelving units and a hoover), I really should start using all my candles and incense and various other home fragrance stuff.  Having it on these shelves instead of stashed away in boxes will hopefully remind me that it’s there to be used.