Eyeing the end of the month…

…though to be honest I’m not sure why. I’ve been trying to get out of the habit of ‘wishing my life away’ by constantly barrelling onwards to the next thing. Winter may be a bit rubbish and miserable weather-wise, but it’s also nice and quiet and enables me to hibernate indoors and get on with things. I should make the most of that before things start happening again in the spring and summer.

I’ve got an extension for my course deadline, which is a bit of a relief as it means I can focus all my study energies on the group project we’re doing at the moment and save the rest of the outstanding work for later. I should still be done with everything by the end of February, meaning that I can focus on my own tech work again from the spring onwards.

Spring will be nice… but I need to find a way of enjoying winter while it’s still around!

Weekday hibernation

I’ve not set foot outside the house for nine days. It’s cold out there and it’s got to that point in the year where I’d far rather be on the treadmill with a YouTube video in the background than outside running in the cold, even though the treadmill is not at all ideal for my running. I’ve got some outdoor time booked for the weekend, and I need to go to the post office at some point, but in general I am very happy staying at home. To be honest, that tends to be the case all year round.

Things are still very busy with work and studying but I’m getting lots ticked off the list every day. I’m not going to wish December away, because I absolutely love the run-up to Christmas (and I always get really depressed in January when I have to take the decorations down), but I will be really glad when I can sign off on Christmas Eve for a couple of weeks of downtime. In the meantime, it’s one day at a time, as ever.

The snow has mostly melted now, but it’s been very pretty over the last few days.

World to world

I managed a mile and a half today…

…which doesn’t sound like much, but after recent runs it was a bit of a victory!

I had the usual day working on writing projects today – jumping from fictional world, to fictional world, which can be a bit tiring sometimes – and expect tomorrow will be similar (still hoping to wake up a bit earlier, but my body seems to have well and truly entered hibernation mode now).

A bit of Christmas sparkle creeping into my life now…

Christmas leggings, edition 1
I’ve been very patient but today I finally decided to start wearing leggings from my Christmas collection. There may be a theme to these photos over the next few days!

Today’s earworm playlist:

Marina & The Diamonds – ‘Hollywood’
Ludwig Göransson – ‘The Mandalorian [Main Theme]’

Returning to various game worlds

Another mile this morning…

…and those fifteen minutes out in the sunshine/rain (delete as appropriate) are all the time I need outside now that we’re into the darker half of the year. Hibernation beckons.

I’m shifting back into gaming and game-making mode as a result. I spent eight hours playing the Bravely Second prequel yesterday and am going to dive into the main game tonight. I never finished it on my first playthrough, and I want to get to the end of it before Bravely Default II comes out for the Switch in March. It’s a series I love and I’m so glad to have some time to play it this month.

I’m also starting to think about my next Adventuron game project. I’ve had a couple of months away from coding as the summer was a bit intense – I made One Last Thing… for the last Adventuron jam and then instantly jumped into a game snippet called Pre-Marie for the IntroComp competition – but now I’m refreshed and ready to code again. Can’t wait to get started.

Another nice quiet day tomorrow. With lockdown now in place, that’s pretty much a given!

Autumn trees
It’s the most beautiful time of the year.

Today’s earworm playlist:

Sheena Easton – ‘9 To 5 (Morning Train)’
Geri Halliwell – ‘Bag It Up’
Public Image Ltd – ‘Rise’
Phil Collins – ‘In The Air Tonight’

Still trying to wake up

A 35-minute easy run today…

…and my deliberately slow easy pace certainly felt suited to my still-half-asleep state! I’ve had another fairly slow day – bit of day job work, bit of admin, but mostly dozing and reading. Hoping to be a bit more awake tomorrow.

Hallowe'en mask
More of my Hallowe’en decorations! Geth and I picked this mask up at a specialist Hallowe’en shop in Washington DC when we were there for Hallowe’en in 2008 – the only time I’ve ever been out of the UK for Hallowe’en. It’s a nice souvenir from a really special trip.

Today’s earworm playlist:

WG Snuffy Walden – ‘The West Wing (Main Theme)’
Justin Timberlake – ‘Can’t Stop The Feeling’